Autonomous Vehicles



Committee Research Report

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Industry Articles:

Auto Insurance Market to Shrink by 70% by 2050 (Jun 2017)
U.S. Congress plans self-driving car legislation to speed rollout (Jun 2017)
Congress May Override State Rules on Self-Driving Vehicle Testing (Jun 2017)
Autonomous cars to drive $81 billion in new insurance premiums (Jun 2017)
Why 3D maps are the future of autonomous driving (Apr 2017)
Self-driving cars will be much safer but a nightmare to insure (Apr 2017)
Insurer offers Tesla cover—that gets cheaper the longer the car is in autonomous mode (Mar 2017)
Autonomous vehicles keeping you awake at night? You’ve got the wrong problem (Oct 2016)
Tesla wants to offer vehicles with one price, including insurance and maintenance (Oct 2016)
Pricing Insurance for Autonomous Vehicles (Nov 2016)
Criticism of self-driving cars can kill people (Oct 2016)
Tesla’s Musk says auto insurance still vital for driverless cars (Oct 2016)
Self-driving cars will be the best thing to happen to motorcycles (Oct 2016)
California proposes giving more freedom to test self-driving cars (Sept 2016)
Challenging driverless car assumptions (Sept 2016)
Michigan says "Drivers Not Needed" (Sept 2016)
Self Driving Cares Are Getting Closer (Aug 2016)
Auto maker announces first autonomous car (Aug 2016)
Emerging automobile technologies could put insurers out of work (Jul 2016)
Top U.S. vehicle safety regulator stands by self-driving cars (Jul 2016)
Tesla's data collection may help it deflect Autopilot liability (Jul 2016)
U.S. Considers Expanding Automated-Driving Technology Oversight (Jul 2016)
Cybersecurity is biggest risk of autonomous cars (Jul 2016)
Tesla Autopilot may face legal obstacles (Jul 2016)
Unmanned Vehicle Technology As An Emerging Risk (May 2016)
Internet-connected Cars a Hacker's Magnet (Apr 2016)
Feds to release new rules for driverless cars (Apr 2016)
Google to urge Congress to help get self-driving cars on the street (Mar 2016)
Automatic Braking, Due by 2022 in U.S. Cars, Could Prevent 20% of All Crashes (Mar 2016)
Ridesharing Firm Could Bypass Drivers by Building Own Autonomous Fleet (Mar 2016)