A Message from our Chair -  Karen Alford

Welcome to the new AAMGA Emerging Issues & Trends Committee Website.
We hope this information is a valuable resource for your business and can assist in the decisions you need to make in this ever evolving industry to prepare for the future.
Thank you for visiting our site  
The Emerging Issues & Trends Committee was formed in June of 2014 following a decision by the Board of Directors of AAMGA to have a group of people focused on one thing, and that is to look at the future. What are some of the changes we expect in the coming years, and how will these impact not only our business, but also our customers, our distribution model, and most importantly, our members. To see the committee members, click here.

Our Mission Statement:
To align the association and its members through collaborative action, a central source to emerging issues and trends that impact our industry from a wholesaler’s perspective.

As a Committee our roles and responsibilities include:

  1. To serve the AAMGA membership and wholesale insurance industry across all segments of the marketplace by collaboratively identifying, evaluating, discussing and providing useful knowledge on how to better analyze, manage and underwrite emerging issues and trends.
  2. To consider new risks as they arise and work with Committee members and industry representatives to gain a better depth of understanding and provide this new information to the membership for their knowledge and use.
  3. To provide webinars, University sessions and roundtables on emerging issues and trends.
  4. Develop and execute a communication strategy to reach the membership and distribute our committee work.
  5. Create diverse task force and/or sub-groups to handle specific tasks for EIT functions.
  6. To access research and trending analysis on emerging issues and trends that can impact the wholesale distribution model and our industry.
  7. To maintain a dedicated page on the AAMGA website as a central repository to communicate the information obtained and further collaborate with one another.
  8. Collaborate with other committee group based on the needs of the committee.
  9. Liaise with other committees on issues and trends that potentially cross over needing additional research.